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Thanks to the Triple Threat Show on AM 610 in Houston for having GPSports Grant Thorne on air to talk about GPS technology and its impact on the NFL.  Below you will find a link to that interview but first, why does your American football team need GPSports technology?  Here are a few reasons.

GPSports – Driving Innovation in the NFL

Being such an explosive sport, American Football players are placed under extreme pressure every time they take the field.

GPSports technologies provide a system to objectively and accurately quantify practice and game load at an individual level.   Quantifying load is absolutely key to maximizing athletic performance and minimizing injury rates.

Pete Carroll TrophyGPSports is working with these teams to ensure an analysis model specific to American Football is implemented.  Results are positive, with the system providing a great insight into positional demands, training structure, individual player loading profiles and indicators of soft tissue injury.  



Iowa Hawkeye LogoThe University of Iowa was the first team in North America to get our new indoor technology, allowing the Hawkeyes to reap the benefits of the GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software no matter where they train.


Why use GPSports technology to train your athletes?


Accurately Quantify Training Load

Know exactly how much work a player has done in a given session. Objectively assess loading across a range of intensities for distance, speed, acceleration, heart rate and impacts.


Quantify Work Rate

Easily compare training drills to game intensity. Use this information to guide training structure, manage overload, manipulate drills and educate coaches and conditioning staff.


Compare Individual Players

Compare players across a range of performance measures in training and game. Use this information to target outliers in the group, assess strengths and weaknesses of individual players and quantify changes under fatigue.


Understand the Demands of the Game

Collate game data to benchmark positional demands, prioritize athletic development and limitations of your players and identify areas for improvement.


Are you ready to dominate your league or sport?  To find out more about how GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software can benefit your team CLICK HERE to have one of our Human Performance Specialists talk to you about your team and  how GPSports can meet your specific needs.


Triple Threat 610 AM





Listen to the interview with Grant Thorne by clicking the photo.

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