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The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in their first season training with GPSports SPI HPU units and SPI IQ software.

The following is an excerpt from a piece done by Kevin Seifert for ESPN and features GPSports Sports Scientist Rod Lindsell.

Rod Lindsell

According to Lindsell, training camp is one NFL tradition that seems ripe for analytic intervention. Even with the dissolution of two-a-days, the still-common schedule of five or six consecutive practices followed by a day off “seems horrible from a structure point of view,” Lindsell said.

“We know from the data that high-intensity training for six straight days in any athletic endeavor creates muscle damage,” Lindsell said. “As with anything, the body gets stronger by healing itself. It’s no wonder you see so many guys with strains and pulls in these situations.

The NFL doesn’t allow use of GPS devices such as this one during games, but many teams have started using them to monitor players’ practice workloads.
“Think if you were training in a gym, would you do your upper and lower body for six consecutive days? No. You would do upper body one day, lower body another and then maybe cardio. The data suggests taking these principles onto the training field. You would have to customize it to getting ready for a football season, but rearranging the physical emphasis on a daily basis definitely lowers the risk for these kinds of soft-tissue injuries.”

During one summer with the Falcons, Lindsell recorded six consecutive days of high intensity sprinting by a wide receiver. Data showed the receiver was nearing a load score associated with a high chance of a muscle tear. The recommendation was to pull back quickly and allow for recovery.

“It can be pretty obvious when you look at the data display,” Lindsell said. “You look at it and say, this is a four-week injury waiting to happen, and really it is completely preventable.”

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