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Cloud Based Reporting Using EVO


GPSports has the fastest post-session processing software available. Follow four quick steps for insightful reports available immediately with EVO.

These reports are fully customisable to your liking, achieving effective analysis in minutes rather than hours. EVO also has the capability to allow for further investigation into your team’s data. Placing the power in your hands and empowering coaches to make more informed decisions.

GPSports has moved away from reporting absolute values. These values have no meaning unless they are given context to an athlete’s longitudinal training history. Have no fear, as EVO performs this smart analysis for you and provides you this meaningful data.

Relative Session Score – Functional, Smart Analysis


Some teams use Rate of Perceived Exertion to subjectively determine session difficulty. GPSports’ Relative Session Score objectively compares the most recent session to each athlete’s longitudinal training history. We know that the same session can impact athletes differently.

Relative Session Score provides coaches with a score from 1 to 10 determining a session’s difficulty. This function is configurable to your specific sport, as coaches have a range of variables to select from to make this score meaningful to their goals.

Chronic & Acute Load Analysis.


SPI IQ’s new load profile analysis allows coaches to determine weekly loading for an athlete, team and positional chronic loads. Want to check volume variables for the week or past 4 weeks? Easy. Want to check key intensity variables? Done. View whether your team is fit or fatigued leading up to this week’s fixture. View how your acute training load interacts with your chronic training load for a range of variables to determine who is or isn’t match ready.


Key Features:


  1. Immediate Reports – webpage and PDF formats
  2. Customisable interface – view whatever variables, graphs and tables you choose. Even create multiple report templates.
  3. Secure web based platform – keep your training data under lock and key. Ideal for advanced analysis and sharing of reports.
  4. Session Analysis – View graphs and formatted tables to view session information. Easily answer key questions regarding training load, expected session outcomes and at risk athletes.


For more information, please click here to enquire about a software demonstration or view our brochure.

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