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SPI HPU – High Performance Unit.

GPSports continues to be the innovator in the team sport GPS market with the November 2012 release of the SPI HPU.   This device is the result of over 10 years research and development.








Points of Difference

When compared to other team sport GPS/tracking devices

  • Smallest

    Approximately 30-40% smaller than major competitors.

  • Toughest

    Designed to tolerate significant abuse.

  • Data Quality

    Accuracy and reliability of GPS data.

  • 16G Accelerometer

    Capable of measuring impacts over 10G.

  • Real Time Performance

    2 Way wireless communication for superior quality data.


Key Features

  • Size

    74mm x 42mm x 16mm. The miniaturized unit is designed for high collision sports, reducing the risk of injury and improving athlete compliance.

  • Weight

    Super lightweight 67g.

  • 15Hz Tracking

    Using the optimal combination of GPS positioning and GPS bearing.

  • 16G Accelerometer

    Accurately quantify high impact events and collisions.

  • 2 Way Wireless Communication

    Smart wireless communication. Live System is capable of tracking 50 devices at one time.

  • Robust Design

    Mining grade electronics protection.

  • 6 Hour Battery Life

    Allows multi session usage.

  • Smart Docking Station

    Rapid downloading and processing.

  • SPI HPU Brochure

    Download SPI HPU Brochure




DOCKING STATION- Smart & Efficient

The only ‘Smart’ docking station on the market
The Smart dock promotes fast & efficient reporting
Fast download speeds, <30 seconds per typical session file
Battery powered, so you can download on the sideline
Storage for up to a thousand session files in the dock memoryGPSports_2_web

CARRY CASE- Travel Chest or Carry Case Options

Options to meet your needs





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