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The Athlete Tracking System of the NRL


One of the first competitions to adopt GPS technology, GPSports has been working with NRL clubs for more than a decade. The entire system is perfect for rugby league, with amazing accelerometer capabilities able to quantify collisions greater than 10G.

Usable Data, Not Big Data


Aside from delivering your basic variables, GPSports focuses on providing smart analytics tools for coaches to identify changes in each athlete’s relative training load. Functions such as our Relative Session Score save coaches the hassle of mining through sheets of data to understand an athlete’s training history.

Understand the demands of the game, and then replicate these demands in training using EVO. Using game data as a benchmark for drills, coaches can ensure that athletes are prepared for in-game loads.

Informed Decision Making


Access live data streamed to your mobile device during training. This allows you to be on field and make informed decisions regarding:

  1. Accumulation of load during a session
  2. High risk players on restricted training loads
  3. Feedback and instruction to coaches and players
  4. Manipulation of training to achieve desired outcomes

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