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Made for sport.


GPSports’ technology is extremely flexible and applicable to a wide range of sports. Coaches from a number of sports objectively quantify training and competition at the highest level using our technology.
SPI IQ empowers coaches to make faster, more informed decisions. The software is easy to use, and fully customisable providing you with analysis that allows coaches to act instantly. These sports (and GPSports clients) include:

  • American Football (Minnesota Vikings, Iowa Hawkeyes, United States Military Academy Black Knights)
AFL (Geelong Cats, West Coast Eagles, Coburg Lions)
  • Basketball (Wake Forest, University of Pennsylvania, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Central Michigan)
  • Field Hockey (Argentina Men’s and Women’s Program, Germany Women’s Program, Scotland Women’s Program and Canada Women’s Program)

Automated Smart Analysis.


As well as delivering your basic GPS variables, GPSports delivers market-leading relative analysis. Rather than focusing on absolute values, we’ve moved towards reporting session data relatively. One session will impact individual athletes entirely different to the next – based on their recent training history. Only SPI IQ has the smarts to automatically compare the latest session to an athlete’s longitudinal training history.

Informed Decision Making.


Access live data streamed to your mobile device during training. This allows you to be on field and make informed decisions regarding:

  1. Accumulation of load during a session
  2. High risk players on restricted training loads
  3. Feedback and instruction to coaches and players
  4. Manipulation of training to achieve desired outcomes
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