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GPSports – The Athlete Tracking System of European Football


GPSports’ robust hardware and functional software is relied upon day in day out by the world’s leading football programs. Coaches aren’t left second guessing the data they collected, used and respected globally our hardware is both accurate and reliable. Objectively assess athlete and team loading across a range of intensities for distance, speed, acceleration, heart rate and impacts.

As well as your basic GPS metrics, we also provide in-depth metabolic power analysis designed specifically for football. Metabolic power provides insights into energy expenditure, analysing constant speed and acceleration and deceleration activity. This function enables coaches to identify whether training replicates game intensity levels.

Usable data, not big data


Unlike other athlete tracking companies, we don’t just report absolute numbers. Each recorded session is compared to an athlete’s longitudinal training history. Providing coaches with greater context as to how the last session’s load will impact their athletes.

Easily determine the pre-match condition of your athletes using market-leading chronic and acute load analysis. Coaches can objectively decide whether an athlete is fit or fatigued leading into match-day.

Maximise Performance and Minimise Injury.


By objectively quantifying on field load you can:

  1. Better estimate recovery time frames
  2. Better integrate types of training – speed, conditioning, strength, power, cross training
  3. Accurately periodise cycles of training
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