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Slide1_SBWCANBERRA, Australia, July 3, 2014—Globally Positioning Sport (GPSports), the pioneer in GPS Sports technology, has been acquired by Catapult Sports as of July 1, 2014. 


Founded in 2000, GPSports was the first company to develop and sell sports GPS technology and has continued to lead the way with cutting edge sports science.  In the last six months teams training with GPSports SPI HPU units and SPI IQ software have captured nine major championships.  The success of GPSports clients speaks for itself.


Rugby League World Cup—Australia Kangaroos

Super Bowl—Seattle Seahawks

Champions League—Real Madrid

Europa League—Sevilla FC

La Liga—Atletico Madrid

Serie A—Juventus

Ligue 1—Paris Saint Germain

Eredivisie (Netherlands)—Ajax

Ligat Ha’Al (Israel)—Maccabi Tel Aviv


An enhanced GPSports will continue running out of its Canberra offices, separate from Catapult’s new Melbourne-based Australian headquarters.

“Day one after the acquisition, we expect the only thing GPSports users will notice is an increased focus on customer service as we invest in this side of the operation,” said Catapult CEO Shaun Holthouse.

“We know a lot of GPSports clients are very loyal to the brand and technology. The last thing we want to do is disrupt a good thing. Over the longer term we will be looking for synergies that bring added value to our combined customer base”.

Holthouse is excited about his company’s growth but assures Catapult and GPSports will continue running as separate companies.

“We are excited about adding GPSports to the Catapult group,” Holthouse said.

“Like Catapult, GPSports has differentiated itself from competitors by developing evidence-based systems with leading sports practitioners which improve athlete performance and teams.”

 To find out more about GPSports and the SPI HPU/SPI IQ system or to speak with one of our worldwide Human Performance Consultants about how GPSports can benefit your team or league please contact Damien Hawes at Damien.hawes@gpsports.com or visit http://www.gpsports.com/contact.


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CANBERRA, Australia June 2, 2014—Globally Positioning Sport (GPSports) is proud to announce that the Spain National Football Team and Santa Clara University Women’s soccer are now training with GPSports SPI HPU units and SPI IQ software.

Ahead of the defense of their World Cup title, Spain began training with GPSports technology because, “They know we provide the broadest range of data and the most accurate independently verified data on the market,” said International Sales Manager Damien Hawes.

Spain kicks off World Cup play against another GPSports team, Netherlands, on June 13.  In all, GPSports will have four teams competing in the 2014 World Cup.  Joining Spain and Netherlands are France and Iran.


“In the last month GPSports football teams training with the SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software have won five European League championships (Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, France) as well as a Europa League title (Sevilla FC) and a Champions League trophy (Real Madrid),” said GPSports Managing Director Adrian Faccioni.  “We’re proud of our teams and the success they have because of the data we provide them.”


NCAA Division 1 powerhouse Santa Clara University is also training with GPSports technology.  The Broncos have ranked in the NCAA Top 10 for twenty consecutive years and the team boasts thirty-three players in Women’s Professional Soccer and their players have won seven Olympic medals.  The Broncos are taking their training regimen to the next level with the SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software. 


Santa Clara is the only school in NCAA history to twice have both its men’s and women’s soccer programs ranked No. 1 simultaneously and they join NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer champions, Carson Newman University, in the GPSports family.


To find out more about GPSports and the SPI HPU/SPI IQ system or to speak with one of our worldwide Human Performance Consultants about how GPSports can benefit your team or league please contact Damien Hawes at Damien.hawes@gpsports.com or visit http://www.gpsports.com/contact.


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Thanks to the Triple Threat Show on AM 610 in Houston for having GPSports Grant Thorne on air to talk about GPS technology and its impact on the NFL.  Below you will find a link to that interview but first, why does your American football team need GPSports technology?  Here are a few reasons.

GPSports – Driving Innovation in the NFL

Being such an explosive sport, American Football players are placed under extreme pressure every time they take the field.

GPSports technologies provide a system to objectively and accurately quantify practice and game load at an individual level.   Quantifying load is absolutely key to maximizing athletic performance and minimizing injury rates.

Pete Carroll TrophyGPSports is working with these teams to ensure an analysis model specific to American Football is implemented.  Results are positive, with the system providing a great insight into positional demands, training structure, individual player loading profiles and indicators of soft tissue injury.  



Iowa Hawkeye LogoThe University of Iowa was the first team in North America to get our new indoor technology, allowing the Hawkeyes to reap the benefits of the GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software no matter where they train.


Why use GPSports technology to train your athletes?


Accurately Quantify Training Load

Know exactly how much work a player has done in a given session. Objectively assess loading across a range of intensities for distance, speed, acceleration, heart rate and impacts.


Quantify Work Rate

Easily compare training drills to game intensity. Use this information to guide training structure, manage overload, manipulate drills and educate coaches and conditioning staff.


Compare Individual Players

Compare players across a range of performance measures in training and game. Use this information to target outliers in the group, assess strengths and weaknesses of individual players and quantify changes under fatigue.


Understand the Demands of the Game

Collate game data to benchmark positional demands, prioritize athletic development and limitations of your players and identify areas for improvement.


Are you ready to dominate your league or sport?  To find out more about how GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software can benefit your team CLICK HERE to have one of our Human Performance Specialists talk to you about your team and  how GPSports can meet your specific needs.


Triple Threat 610 AM





Listen to the interview with Grant Thorne by clicking the photo.

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The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in their first season training with GPSports SPI HPU units and SPI IQ software.

The following is an excerpt from a piece done by Kevin Seifert for ESPN and features GPSports Sports Scientist Rod Lindsell.

Rod Lindsell

According to Lindsell, training camp is one NFL tradition that seems ripe for analytic intervention. Even with the dissolution of two-a-days, the still-common schedule of five or six consecutive practices followed by a day off “seems horrible from a structure point of view,” Lindsell said.

“We know from the data that high-intensity training for six straight days in any athletic endeavor creates muscle damage,” Lindsell said. “As with anything, the body gets stronger by healing itself. It’s no wonder you see so many guys with strains and pulls in these situations.

The NFL doesn’t allow use of GPS devices such as this one during games, but many teams have started using them to monitor players’ practice workloads.
“Think if you were training in a gym, would you do your upper and lower body for six consecutive days? No. You would do upper body one day, lower body another and then maybe cardio. The data suggests taking these principles onto the training field. You would have to customize it to getting ready for a football season, but rearranging the physical emphasis on a daily basis definitely lowers the risk for these kinds of soft-tissue injuries.”

During one summer with the Falcons, Lindsell recorded six consecutive days of high intensity sprinting by a wide receiver. Data showed the receiver was nearing a load score associated with a high chance of a muscle tear. The recommendation was to pull back quickly and allow for recovery.

“It can be pretty obvious when you look at the data display,” Lindsell said. “You look at it and say, this is a four-week injury waiting to happen, and really it is completely preventable.”

Want to find out how GPSports can benefit your team? Visit www.GPSports.com/contact to learn more and to talk with a Human Performance consultant in your part of the world.

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Translated from the FC Petrolul Ploiesti website:

FC PetrolulOil has invested over 150,000 euros last year in the latest equipment, purchasing anGPSports system used to accurately assess the physical parameters of the players. The system is implemented in training and games and the big European clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ajax and FC Porto.

During competitive, especially in the training sessions, such as those in Antalya, technical staff of Oil by knowing how to present each player in physically. And this thanks GPSports device showing the exact mileage running, speed and heart rate during training players or matches. Worth over 70,000 euros, the system is innovative, but very few teams in League One and allow it to acţionize due to high prices. To be monitored, players wear a special vest and back, the size and shape of a mobile phone are secure GPSports device.

The dealing with the interpretation and centralizing all the data is Nacho Martinez, one’s physical preparatory Oil . 

“This revolutionary system helps us to see exactly how to prepare footballers. We know how to run one or the other in training or matches, that speed was and that was the heartbeat. Normally, our players go through training sessions, on average, 6-7 km, and at similar distance ranges between 9 and 12 km, depending on how each plays ” explained Nacho. 

The top teams in sports worldwide rely on GPSports technology because they know data is a game changer. What does your team use?


Are you ready to dominate your league or sport?  To find out more about how GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software can benefit your team CLICK HERE to have one of our Human Performance Specialists talk to you about your team and  how GPSports can meet your specific needs.


GPSports will be at the NFL Combine as well as in Los Angeles this February.  CLICK HERE to schedule a visit and trial.


Original piece at FC Petrolul’s website

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From the Feb. 5, 2014 edition of the Canberra Times

by David Polkinghorne


Adrian with Unit

GPSports Systems Managing Director Adrian Faccioni with the SPI High Performance unit that was used by the Seattle Seahawks in their championship-winning season. Photo: Melissa Adams





A Super Bowl, a rugby league World Cup, an NRL premiership and a Spanish championship – a small Canberra company tucked away in Fyshwick can lay claim to all four titles in the last year as it positions itself as a leader in global positioning system technology.

And its GPS devices are becoming so advanced they can not only monitor real-time speed, distance and heart rates, they can also record big hits, an imbalance in someone’s gait and also predict when an athlete is at risk of injury.

GPSports was born in Canberra in 2000 and expanded into the American market 12 months ago. The new Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, are the first NFL team the company has worked with. They probably will not be the last.

Two weeks after the Seahawks knocked the San Francisco 49ers out of the play-off race, the 49ers emailed GPSports to ask about its tracking systems.

Super Rugby grand finalists the ACT Brumbies, the Wallabies, Spanish soccer champion Barcelona, NRL club Manly and the AFL’s Geelong are other teams using their devices.

The brainchild of former track-and-field-coach Adrian Faccioni and David Cameron, who built GPS devices for the Australian Defence Force, GPSports has 12 employees, including former Brumbies high-performance manager Rod Lindsell, and designs and builds its own devices and then creates the software needed to analyse and display the data.

Coaches can pull out their smartphones and check how hard each of their players is working at any point during a session. Monitoring workloads during training allows a team’s managers to ensure the players are putting in the right amount of effort in the right kinds of training.

GPSports international sales manager Damien Hawes will meet the Seahawks next week to discuss their experience of using the units for a year. It culminated in an emphatic 43-8 thumping of the Denver Broncos on Sunday, New York time.

”We entered the US market last year and our first and only NFL client happened to be the Seattle Seahawks, who started using our technology from March 2013,” Hawes said on Tuesday. ”They hadn’t used any comprehensive form of tracking technology during their training sessions, ever.

”The first thing they tried to do was [work out if] the demands of their training sessions meet the demands of the games?

”By marrying those two together, they reduced the injury rates of their players this season and increased the fitness levels specific to the demands of the game.”

The devices have gone beyond being a simple distance, speed and heart-rate monitors.

Now they can determine whether an athlete is favouring one leg, and the impact of any hits. They can also sound alarms that help prevent damage to hamstrings or calf muscles.

On the company’s to-do list is syncing the data with video footage. That way coaches can hone in on a player’s mistakes during a game and determine whether fatigue has played a part.

”We’re actually at the point now where, if a high-velocity, injury-risk alert goes off, then that can indicate the player might get a hamstring strain,” Hawes said. ”And if a sprint or acceleration risk-alert goes off, then the player’s susceptible to a calf, groin or quad strain.

”So the alerts that appear in our software can localise the muscle group that’s fatigued and is potentially likely to get injured.”

Hawes said Australia was leading the way in sports science and that scientists in Britain and Europe were examining how things were being done here. He said US sports teams were almost a decade behind those in Australia in the use of GPS devices.



Original Article  


Are you ready to dominate your league or sport?  To find out more about how GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software can benefit your team CLICK HERE to have one of our Human Performance Specialists talk to you about your team and  how GPSports can meet your specific needs.

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GPSports_2_webCANBERRA, Australia January 6, 2014—Globally Positioning Sport (GPSports) is proud to announce the success of the SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software along with the success of the teams that use it.

In 2013 our teams collectively won a rugby World Cup championship, UEFA Europa League championship, a National Rugby League Championship, Coach of the Year, two Players of the Year and a Thailand Premier League Championship.

“2013 was the best year on record for GPSports,” said Managing Director Adrian Faccioni.  “It has been through the close working relationship with many of our elite clients that we have been able to bring to the market amazing new features such as running symmetry, metabolic load, repeat sprint analysis and collision detection.

We have also been able to work closely with key clients in the implementation of our GPS technology to improve performance and reduce injuries – assisting the likes of the NRL Roosters, Rugby Reds and NFL Seahawks to name a few. Everyone in the company is looking forward to an exciting 2014.”


The SPI HPU unit is the smallest and most powerful sport GPS technology on the market.  It features smart two-way real time wireless data communication and its 16G accelerometer is the only device capable of measuring impacts over 10G.

The newest variables to the SPI IQ software are running symmetry, collision detection, metabolic power and repeat sprint efforts.  Besides having amazing features it’s also fast.  In ten minutes you can process the data and create a report for twenty players.


“There is no guess work and no hiding. Every aspect of training is planned and every performance is measured using GPSports technology. From rehabilitation to game specific fitness, GPSports provides the framework for excellence” 


Michael Cheika, NSW Waratahs Head Coach


Notable accomplishments involving GPSports teams include:


  • Seattle Seahawks end the regular season 13-3 and have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in their first year using GPSports technology.
  • Chelsea FC wins UEFA Europa League Championship
  • The top three teams in Spain’s La Liga (Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid)
  • Juventus sits atop Italy’s Serie A
  • Ajax FC is the top team in Holland’s Eredivisie
  • FC Porto is tied for first in Portugal’s Primeira Liga
  • Paris Saint Germaine is in first place in France Ligue 1
  • Buriram United wins the Thailand Premier League title in 2013
  • Shandong Luneng FC in second place in Chinese Premier League
  • Seven of the Top 10 teams in National Rugby League use GPSports
  • Sydney Roosters win the 2013 National Rugby League (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)
  • Roosters player Sonny Bill Williams, wins Rugby League International Federation Player of the Year award
  • Roosters Coach Trent Robinson wins Rugby League International Federation Coach of the Year award
  • Crusaders player Kieran Read wins International Rugby Board’s Player of the Year
  • Australia Kangaroos win the 2013 World Cup (rugby)


To find out more about how GPSports SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software can benefit your team CLICK HERE to have one of our Human Performance Specialists talk to your about your team and  how GPSports can meet your specific needs.

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